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All men are born equal and free 99
🇬🇧 Broad discussion of the Android operating system. 114
🇬🇧 read-only Announcements relating to sog.caliban.org, such as maintenance, addition and deletion of groups, etc. 35
🇬🇧 AI: The machines and systems that can perform tasks that typically require human intelligence, such as understanding natural language, recognising images and speech, making decisions, and learning from experience. 146
🇧🇷 Portuguese-language discussion for Brazilians. 122
🇩🇪 read-only German-language discussion. 100
🇪🇸 Spanish-language discussion. 129
🇫🇷 French-language discussion. 79
🇬🇧 The wonderful world of video games: arcade, console, PC, mobile, retro, emulation, preservation and archiving, etc. 103
🇬🇧 Matters related to health, fitness and wellbeing. 76
🇬🇧 The wide world of instant messaging software. 393
🇬🇧 Ellan Vannin: Quocunque Jeceris Stabit. 26
🇮🇹 Italian-language discussion. 64
🇬🇧 Broad discussion of the Linux operating system. 312
🇬🇧 222
🇬🇧 Discussion of music in all of its many forms. Links and attachments welcome. 78
🇳🇱 Dutch-language discussion. 157
🇬🇧 The home of (aspiring) Oxen Service Node operators. 80
🇬🇧 Cogito, ergo sum. 102
🇵🇹 Portuguese-language discussion. 53
🇬🇧 Broad discussion of privacy and how to maintain it in an on-line world. 399
🇬🇧 Matters related to the Session Open Group Server, such as installation, configuration and operation. 92
🇬🇧 Topics related to the security of computer systems and networks. 256
🇬🇧 All things related to the UK, including British people and their culture, British English and other British languages, British history, geography, politics, etc. 181
🇬🇧 Anything related to the broad topic of travel. 74
🇬🇧 Broad discussion of the UNIX operating system. 38
🇬🇧 we're here The technologies, skills and people developing for the World Wide Web. 64
🇷🇺 Russian-language discussion. 117
🇧🇩 Bangladesh, বাংলাদেশ 41
🇨🇿 Česko-slovenská komunita 29
🇮🇳 Bhārat - भारत 70
🇮🇩 Komunitas Session Indonesia 35
🇬🇧 Place for everyone interested in investing their money. Offtopic and risky investment is removed. Please lets make this room useful. 46
🇰🇷 한국 공동체 29
🇵🇱 Grupa dla polskich użytkowników Session. 64
🇬🇧 Room for programmers/developers. 85
🇬🇧 nsfw Soft Porn room for Adults - Content 18+ only, legal, no sex, no disrespect or face removal/ban. Send "showrules" message. 1246
🇨🇳 关注中国基督教家庭教会,关注宗教自由 51
🇨🇳 Session中国基金会专属大群 105
🇨🇳 为反贼程序员付费支持 35
🇨🇳 维尼导航,构建民主自由的共同知识图谱 75
🇨🇳 反贼开源社区/技术路线救国实践者 34
🇬🇧 151
🇬🇧 191
Add for help from oddch.at admins and moderators - COMMUNITY APPEARS BLANK, POST YOUR MESSAGE AND WATCH FOR DM
🇬🇧 read-only oddch.at announcement community, replacement community at https://talk.oddch.at/r/chatter 0
🇬🇧 Discussion for Bitcoin (BTC) users in Australia 19
🇬🇧 Discussion for Monero (XMR) users in Australia 69
🇬🇧 Discussion of online and general privacy for Australians 45
🇬🇧 nsfw Community specifically for those 50+. No pedo, no underage, no NL, no CP, nothing of the sort. Sex-positive, open topic discussion channel. No begging for DMs or groups, no body-, slut- or kink-shaming. 421
🇬🇧 nsfw No pedo, no underage, no NL, no CP. Sex-positive, kink-friendly discussion channel. No begging for DMs or groups, no implying underage, no body-, slut- or kink-shaming. 18+ 1525
🇬🇧 nsfw Sex-positive, kink-friendly discussion channel for queer folks of any and all sorts. No begging for RP or DMs, no body-, slut- or kink-shaming. NSFW discussion welcome. No pedos, no harassing anyone trying to figure out their sexuality. We'd like to keep this one open and welcoming. 366
🇬🇧 nsfw Hunting for roleplay? Roleplaying as a hunter? You sure came to the right place! Other types of roleplay are fine too, I guess. Tell us who you want to find, what you want to roleplay, and either get freaky in the community for us all to enjoy or take it to DMs. No pedo, no pedo-seeking. *You* must be 18+. No pedo, nothing involving children/kids. Be friendly, be polite, be respectful (until otherwise negotiated). Keep this fun for all! 525
🇬🇧 nsfw No pedo, no underage, no NL, no CP, nothing of the sort. Sex-positive, open topic discussion channel. No begging for DMs or groups, no body-, slut- or kink-shaming. 888
🇬🇧 nsfw Showcase your NSFW AI-created images. Nudity, other adult topics welcome. Nothing underage. No blood, death, gore, or other extreme subject matter. 698
🇬🇧 nsfw Showcase the opposite side of AI! Generate intentional horror? Great! How about anatomy failures? Love to see it! AI weirdness? Yup, it does that, why not show it off! Blood, why not? Nothing underage. This is *NOT* unlimited. Expect NSFW content but not everything will be sexual 166
🇬🇧 nsfw Showcase your male-focused NSFW AI-created images. Nudity, other adult topics welcome. Nothing underage. No blood, death, gore, or other extreme subject matter. 148
🇬🇧 Showcase your SFW AI-created images. No children. No nudity. AI gets weird, let's have some fun but keep it clean. 52
🇬🇧 AI might take over the world, but until it does, why not use it to create pretty pictures? Learn and teach others how to prompt, discuss techniques, tools and technology. Absolutely no discussion of underage content. 108
🇬🇧 Fast food: Great food, or the greatest food? Discuss 16
🇬🇧 Discussion channel for queer folks of any and all sorts. NO ADULT CONTENT! Don't be desperate for DMs. No shaming. 68
🇬🇧 Sci-fi and fantasy chat, covering all media formats 47
🇬🇧 A place to discuss science, space, and humanity's future. Try to be optimistic periodically? 17
🇬🇧 Talk about your favourite TV shows, movies, any other cinematic visual media too 23
🇬🇧 General chatter, no particular topic, replacement for the oddch.at about oddch.at community 74
🇬🇧 The truth is out there. But where? Are you responsible for covering up UAPs? Or maybe the person that decided we should use UAP instead of UFO to distract us? Why not throw some more misdirection, or maybe even serve up the truth? Classified is just a label. 25
🇬🇧 MathNodes building on Sentinel, OXEN, and DERO. 19
🇬🇧 new General chat room for gaming and find partners to pair up with. No sex, nudity, or talks of sexual content. 52
🌐 nsfw A place where you can share and discuss your favorite legal porn, stars, and scenes. 18+ ONLY. Must be 18+ to participate in this community. CSAM & Beast is not tolerated and will result in a ban. No trades. No DM begging. You must have been in the community for 12 hours prior to sending or receiving DMs from normal members. 1247
🇬🇧 A place to chat and find others who also enjoy using Session. No sex, nudity, violence, racism, sexism, or homophobia. 190
🇬🇧 official Our official Crypto Community is a vibrant chat room for discussing all things related to digital currencies. Talk about anything and everything crypto including DeFi, trading, and technical discussion. 583
🇬🇧 official Our official Lokinet Community is the perfect place to discuss and learn about Lokinet. 367
🇬🇧 official read-only The official announcement channel for information about Lokinet 5772
🇬🇧 official Our official Oxen Community is a gathering place where privacy-focused cryptocurrency enthusiasts can discuss the Oxen project, cryptocurrency, and the Oxen Service Node Network. 345
🇬🇧 official read-only The official announcement channel for information about Oxen 3853
🇬🇧 official The official Session Community is a space for users of Session to connect and discuss the application, updates, and get help. 1204
🇬🇧 official read-only Discussion about Session software development 109
🇬🇧 official read-only The Official Updates channel provides information about Session’s latest developments, updates, and changes. 10062
🇮🇷 official read-only 127
🇬🇧 read-only I am paying for a VPS server anyway, so if you want to get your own SOGS easily & for free, please contact me! 10
🇪🇴 Esperanta grupo en Session'o! :) 23
read-only Devlog 14
🇬🇧 nsfw Naturist & nudist fun! Everyone welcome, but absolutely no place for child sexual abuse materials or bestiality. 935
🇷🇺 read-only The gayest russian-language channel in the world for my dear subscribers. 43
🇷🇺 The gayest russian-language chat in the world for my dear subscribers. 48
read-only oCash community 9
🇷🇺 read-only Anarchy and free art (RUS) 35
🇬🇧 read-only Digital interactions and the human experience. NET-ART 13
🇬🇧 read-only The purpose of this community is to preserve freedom of speech for the citizens of Ukraine, spread the will of the people and stand against an oppressive government regime. 27
read-only СМИ, вещающее о самых разных событиях, которые Мне показались интересными. Направление: лево-либертарное. 29
🇷🇺 read-only Левая анархическая группа на русском языке. Политика, философия, шизофрения. 65
🇬🇧 A public Session group for all things apple related. 34
🇬🇧 CosmicNation Community 52
Welcome for news, updates, events, grand prix breakdown and discussions on Formula 1 Racing. 20
read-only Chat gay de gente de españa para hablar , hacer contactos manteniendo la privacidad 76
🇬🇧 The private and secure mobile operating system with Android app compatibility. 140
🇬🇧 Session Community for everything Qubes OS related 70
🌐 Skandinavisk chat 159
🇺🇦 Glory to Ukraine! 7
🇺🇦 Glory to Ukraine! 3
🇬🇧 Memes galore 139
Libertarian Institute publishes books and produces podcasts with a focus on individual freedom and an antiwar foreign policy. 85
🇬🇧 SimplifiedPrivacy.com community discussing privacy, cryptocurrency, Linux, degoogle phones, Session bots, encrypted messengers, Nostr, and open source freedom. 223
🇬🇧 Chat about old PalmOS devices 10
🇬🇧 Chat about two-way Radio Communication devices 56
🇬🇧 Chat about Texas Instruments Graphing Calculators and similar programmable devices 7
🇬🇧 Chat about old Windows Mobile devices 10
read-only dont.icu sogs server messages 18
Anonymous dogmen chat group 3
Dog trainers chat group 1
🌐 关于 OpenServeonics Cloud 的讨论室。 16
🌐 The Privacy Country Foundation(PCF, 隐私村(国)基金会) room. 27
🇭🇰 Cantonese; 粤语, 广东话; 粵語, 廣東話. Chinese, 中文, 汉语, 漢語. 39
🇨🇳 Free and Open Source Software, 自由与开源软件相关的分享与交流. e.g.: Unix, Linux, Darwin, Android; Session Messenger, Signal Messenger, SimpleX Chat, Briar, Threema, Jami; ... . 59
🇨🇳 General Discussions, 通用/一般/综合性讨论. Mandarin; 普通话, 国语, 官话; 普通話, 國語, 官話. Chinese, 中文, 汉语, 漢語. English, 英文, 英语, 英語. 82
🇨🇳 read-only Notifications about us(Read-Only), such as about the Privacy Country Foundation, this Session community server operation, etc.; 关于我们的通知(只读),比如关于'隐私村国基金会',此 Session 社群服务器的运维,等等. 24
🇨🇳 Privacy, The Right to Privacy; 隐私, 隐私权; 隱私, 隱私權. Chinese Language, 中文, 汉语, 漢語. 110