"We care about your privacy." — Abraham Lincoln

We don't make an effort to collect any data from you.

What we do have is automatic server logs (which most sites can't be bothered to de-identify anyway).

Server logs look like this: (Hover for details)

 - -      

In other words, they contain the visiting (we de-identify those by setting the last octet to zero), , (/ stands for "main page"), , , (usually the site you came from), and (how your browser presents itself).

We also collect and retain error logs for 3 days, including a full IP address. These are generated when our server has a wonderful day and shoots itself in the foot, and are not used for analytics.

Who has access to your data

Only @gravel, @SomeGuy and the server provider have access to the server logs.

Whenever we feel like it (legal terminology), we share aggregate visitor data over a non-identifying time period with interested parties. Examples of aggregate visitor data: Total site visits, distribution of operating systems and browsers used to access our site, distribution of referer sites, and common failed requests (such as for unsupported standards).

What requested resources tell us about you

Without any precautions, we'd be able to deanonymize your Session ID after you open a Community's details, join it, and post a message. Why? Because right before your message, we would see your IP address requesting the Community's icons.

In order to prevent this deanonymization vector, the page requests all Community icons and QR codes upon load, thus blinding us to which Community details you view. These Community resources are then cached in your browser and don't trigger additional requests when you view a Community's details.

To ensure that this protection does not expire following the 1 hour cache period, we refresh the cache periodically. Unfortunately, this also means we get a ping for each hour you leave the site open.

If you've disabled JavaScript in your browser, modals won't open — these protections are therefore not needed. However, without JavaScript, QR codes are shown in a new tab when clicked. This results in a request and log entry with your IP address on our server.


We don't use 'em. 🍪

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