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🇨🇳 关注中国基督教家庭教会,关注宗教自由 43
🇨🇳 Session中国基金会专属大群 81
🇷🇺 Russian-language discussion. 72
🇬🇧 The home of (aspiring) Oxen Service Node operators. 76
🇬🇧 Broad discussion of the Linux operating system. 230
🇫🇷 French-language discussion. 53
🇨🇳 反贼开源社区/技术路线救国实践者 32
🇬🇧 Anything related to the broad topic of travel. 63
🇬🇧 Matters related to the Session Open Group Server, such as installation, configuration and operation. 87
🇬🇧 The wide world of instant messaging software. 181
🇬🇧 Broad discussion of privacy and how to maintain it in an on-line world. 293
for uploading songs and discussing about music 43
🇨🇳 为反贼程序员付费支持 18
🇬🇧 we're here The technologies, skills and people developing for the World Wide Web. 45
🇬🇧 Matters related to health, fitness and wellbeing. 59
🇬🇧 Topics related to the security of computer systems and networks. 171
🇪🇸 Spanish-language discussion. 105
Welcome to Fuck John Hancock (Manulife USA), a space for sharing experiences, seeking advice, and finding support with others facing challenges with John Hancocks services in the USA. Let us unite to voice our concerns and advocate for better service. 9
This space is dedicated Canadians and residents of Canada to sharing stories, seek advice, and find solidarity with others facing similar challenges. Whether you are dealing with insurance claims, customer service issues, or any other concerns, this is a place to voice your opinions and find support. 10
Welcome to Fuck_Manulife_Activism, your hub for non-violent, peaceful activism aimed at curbing Manulifes influence on society. Connect with like-minded individuals to share stories, develop strategies, and support each other in our mission for change. Let us stand together for ethical alternatives and fight for a fairer, more just world. Join us and be a part of the movement! 13
🇨🇳 维尼导航,构建民主自由的共同知识图谱 58
🇬🇧 All things related to the UK, including British people and their culture, British English and other British languages, British history, geography, politics, etc. 242
🇮🇹 Italian-language discussion. 38
🇬🇧 MathNodes building on Sentinel, OXEN, and DERO. 15
🇬🇧 The wonderful world of video games: arcade, console, PC, mobile, retro, emulation, preservation and archiving, etc. 64
🇬🇧 Discussion of music in all of its many forms. Links and attachments welcome. 53
🇬🇧 Broad discussion of the UNIX operating system. 33
🇬🇧 Broad discussion of the Android operating system. 91
🇬🇧 AI: The machines and systems that can perform tasks that typically require human intelligence, such as understanding natural language, recognising images and speech, making decisions, and learning from experience. 105
🇳🇱 Dutch-language discussion. 182
Welcome to Fuck_Manulife_Asia, where we stand against Manulifes actions and their impact on the Bai Lan movement. Outraged by their role in the opioid crisis and unethical practices? Join us to voice your anger, share your stories, and strategize on how to fight back against this corporate giant. Lets unite in our opposition and demand accountability and justice.. 19
All men are born equal and free 37
🇬🇧 Ellan Vannin: Quocunque Jeceris Stabit. 18
🇬🇧 Discussion for Bitcoin (BTC) users in Australia 22
🇵🇹 Portuguese-language discussion. 34